Tipicalc is the free and complete tip calculator that allows you to calculate the tip and split the bill in seconds.

Tipicalc is packed with additional features that will not get in your way if you do not need them.

Enter the bill amount, tip percentage and number of people and you’re done
Adjust or round any amount (up or down) and Tipicalc recalculates automatically

If a service charge is included, you can add a top-up tip to your desired total
Enter the service charge percentage and the total desired tip
Tipicalc calculates the top-up percentage

The tip can be based on the pre-tax or after-tax bill amount
You can switch the pre-tax option on and provide a default tax rate
When this option is switched on, the tip is calculated using the pre-tax amount

You can apply a coupon to the bill
Enter it as a percentage or money value
The tip is calculated before deducting the coupon from the bill amount

The amount each person pays is calculated automatically
This can be adjusted or rounded up or down and the tip will be recalculated
The Group Split panel displays the amount to pay for one person, two people, etc.
The Custom Split panel allows you to adjust what some people pay – less if someone skipped desert or more if someone had extra sides

View a summary before paying the bill
Tap on a value to bring you to the corresponding panel to make an adjustment

Option to store the last bill and retrieve it the next time you start Tipicalc
Set defaults for the number of people (up to 100), tip percentage, number format, rounding and tax rate
Tipicalc supports a large number of currencies and adjusts the number of decimal places to match the selected currency

Swipe the top panel on the screen or use the menu to use the optional features

Complete built-in help section to answer your questions
Access to our support website
eMail access to our development team

Easy to use, built-in keyboard for entering values and navigating the additional panels
Quick reset button to start again

Tipicalc is free.
To pay for the cost of developing the app, we have included a small box at the bottom of the main screen that displays ads. We hope this will not take away from your enjoyment of the app.